Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Singing a song is fun to do!

Maggie has been such fun lately!! We've taken some videos (and pictures, you know how I love pictures) of recent activities. I was trying to figure out a way that she could better remember things we've done; have an experience like looking through old pictures. So I was listening to the videos with her the other day. My goodness! She loved it!!! She had her favorites of course, and wanted to hear them over and over. I'm not sure she understands that she's hearing herself, but we'll keep it up and I know she'll get it soon. She's so smart.

A small part of me has been sad because Maggie liked to listen to songs more than have them sung to her or to sing them herself. I really love singing, so she was subjected to it anyway, even though she would sometimes protest the whole time. On Sunday night we were winding down and getting ready for bed. She was sitting on the couch talking with Brandon and asks him what song they should sing together. They proceed to spend the next 15 minutes or so singing every song Brandon could think of. What a proud daddy! They were adorable!!! Now she wants us to sing with her all the time! I love it! I love singing in the car with her as we drive to school. Which she is absolutely loving, by the way.
So here we are, her laying on my lap as we sing "I'm a mean old witch" together on the front lawn. We're happy. And singing. Which makes us more happy!