Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sometimes I cry

Unproud moment right here. But my excuses first: 

I'm tired. I was up til 1:30 as one of my best friends had her baby. I was there as support and photographer, but this being my third birth to photograph, I think I'm going to train to be a doula. It was amazing and exhausting. I loved it. 

Brooks is in the terrible twos now. He's so amazingly good at throwing tantrums. He screamed all the way to Maggie's school because my husband buckled him into his seat, not me. Sigh. So much screaming and whining. 

So he's finally down for a nap and I get up from dozing on the couch to get Maggie off the bus. She's happy and excited about school, despite not having a great day. I'm not sure our form of discipline is working when the first words out of her mouth are the ways in which she didn't behave at school, but to visit at another time. 

She plays with moon dough for 15 minutes or so to unwind and we dive into "pretend school" aka homework. This is kind of fun, because she has different kids in her pretend class. They even have different voices! She raises her hand at the beginning of each math problem so that I can call her a different name to answer the question. 

It's pretty fun until I call her Maggie. There is no one named Maggie in room 20 (her pretend classroom). I must call shoes foot coverings and hair is fur and only girls with two syllable names are at the math table. So stop calling on Angelina, Mom! For reals?!?!? 

I lost it today. I kept forgetting to call her by a pretend name, called the braille writer a brailler, and mentioned a one syllable name. There are NO one syllable named people around here. She corrected me every time with this whiny haughty voice. How could I possibly forget these simple rules of pretend school? 

We had a shouting match and both cried which lead to more shouting. We're ok now. After I explained why I was upset. And she asked me nicely to please try to remember to call her Miya. We both apologized. She just finished her homework and now we're off to make banana bread. Hopefully I can handle the stress of this impending mess and make it a good time spent with my daughter.