Saturday, March 1, 2014

She can do anything

As the months zoom past and the days crawl by, I love looking back for a bit to find the progress made. 
Maggie just amazes me. She is SO independent, wanting to learn and do and snap and pull and scoot and shut and touch everything all by herself. 

I looked through her Oregon Project book recently and was so pleased. She's accomplished so many of the little nit picky things I was worried about. She can stack four blocks and string beads and do puzzles and get herself dressed. She can mostly successfully use a fork and spoon and has made leaps and bounds with Braille. She wants to read ALL the time, which I love. 

A year ago, she couldn't do these things. And I was worried. She's behind. She doesn't want to talk to or even be near other kids, let alone play with them.  

Things change. 

They get better. 

You gain more patience and understanding. 

She'll ask to have one of her classmates come play marbles with her. 

And she'll eventually gain the courage to jump off a ledge. 

She'll learn how to tie shoes or always wear slip ons. Either way, she's going to be fine. 

Lesson learned : I don't need to worry if she's not doing all the stuff her peers are now. She'll get it. Because my daughter is amazing!!

She can do anything.