Monday, December 1, 2014

What we do for fun!

Trying to keep Maggie involved in all that we do is sometimes difficult. Here are some fun things she's been able to experience lately. 

Splashing in fountains

Building marble runs. She was so thrilled by the sounds of the marbles going down she couldn't hold still. :)

Playing the piano 

Stamping. Sometimes the messes are worth it. Unfortunately that may depend on my mood. I need to be more flexible. But at least she gets to be crazy messy sometimes. 

Giving and getting high fives

Loving kinetic sand. Seriously, it's amazing. Also, the cute owl hat with button eyes! She loves it. 

Playing baseball. Or playing with a baseball at least. 

Threading Pom Pom balls on a long string to make a garland. Nice and time consuming. :) I need to find a duller needle, but she only poked herself a few times before she got the hang of it. 

Making biscuits. See I do let my kids get messy sometimes. I feel better. 
And really I'm just grateful to have my wonderful kiddos and to be able to help them explore and discover the world.