Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Control issues

Maggie loves to paint. Usually it's not paper she wants painted, but things. Small marbles or glass vase fillers (aka pebbles) or golf balls or bottle caps like you see below the baking tin. I could not understand why she had this need to change the color of things when she doesn't even really know what color is. 

Now this is just speculation but knowing her personality I think I'm pretty accurate, but I think that she wants to have control. She wants to know she can make things just that certain way. 

And she does it every day. I no longer bake with this pan because it is used everyday to paint in. Sometimes she'll use a paintbrush, but it's rare. Normally Maggie is hands in all the way or rolling it (the marbles and golf balls) around the baking pan making as much noise as possible. 

We've established that I don't like messes. This one doesn't bother me much. Maggie does a good job of keeping most of the paint in the pan. And it entertains her for at least 10 minutes. That's a long time in mom world. 

Plus I want her to have those successes in life. When her opinion matters and is respected. This also lets me get my way other times.  A five year old can not have their way more often than me. That's teaching patience right? 

Or am I just needing my own times to be in control?