Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stacking blocks

All through the growth and development of you child there are milestones they're supposed to be hitting, proving that they're "normal". I'm not sure where they get these from but from talking to lots of moms every kid is different so I don't know why we all try to judge them against each other. However, comparison is in our nature, so we'll keep on keeping on comparing. 

I remember being so frustrated when Maggie wasn't hitting some of the milestones. She's supposed to be able to tie her shoes and jump on one foot and know the alphabet. Luckily, she loves learning, so the alphabet came easily and early. It's nice when your kiddo gets something down pat, and you can really see the progressing. 

Another mom once told me that it's ok if they never learn to tie their shoes. Just get slipons or Velcro. Nice. And when are you ever going to need to jump on one leg? Never? Ok, cool. 

Somewhere before one even they are supposed to be able to stack block. Sigh. Maggie just did not get that one. I'm not sure what sensory information she was missing to make the connections, but it did not come. 

I know she's been able to do it for a while now, but it really made me feel happy when I came down from putting Brooks down for a nap to find that Maggie had searched for and found a toy to enjoy. And then that it was block stacking. And she's good at it now. Yea, she's almost six, but I know that if I give her time she'll figure anything out on her own.