Sunday, February 28, 2016

Crafty ladies

I am one lucky momma. I love all types of creating-sewing, photography, painting, crafting, making the world more beautiful. Maggie loves it all too.

 One thing I loved in high school art was paper making. I found a kit at a garage sale and jumped on it, knowing Maggie would love the process. She likes things complicated. It did not disappoint. We had so much fun! 

This process is easy to master, and I'm glad now to have the stuff to be able to do this whenever. All you need is a deckle and mold- basically a frame with a screen stapled on. Start by tearing up used paper adding leaves or dried flowers then blending with water. Pour the pulp on the mold and use fingers to even out the pulp. Sponging and rolling out the water. It's just wonderfully full of textures and patterns. We both had a great time. 

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