Sunday, February 28, 2016

Small and not at all simple

Maggie LOVES crafting. Creating, painting, gluing, making, baking, all of it. She wanted to do a valentine craft today, so I figured we could start on her valentines for her class. She quickly brailled her name to put on each one then wanted to laminate and punch holes and paint and I was already tired having cut out a few hearts. Having help from a kid is frustrating. They do it all wrong! And take so long! And are SO messy. Having help from a blind kid...we've established that it makes me a little crazy. 

So when she wanted to keep crafting I wanted to scream a little, but I just told her she had to find something to do by herself. Maggie wanted to use the little circles from the hole punch to do something, so I get her a puddle of glue on a price of paper and cleaned up the rest of the mess we'd made doing the valentines. 

She did it. She glued all the pieces together on top of each other to make a tower. I'm so happy! I could dance. This is incredible use of finer motor skills, which is difficult for a blind kiddo. She did it all by herself!! I didn't have to help! I didn't get frustrated because she took too long or got too much glue or didn't align the peices perfectly. Yea, I know, I have a problem.   

I love my daughter. We have some struggles because we both like to be right and have things our way. It's good for both of us as we learn to compromise. 

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